About Shadow Game Studio

Here you'll find some information about us and what we do.

We are a team of five that work as much as we can on Project Unknown. We are gamers who wants to make a game that contains everything that we think is missing, this is what we are trying to do with Project Unknown, use our knowlege as gamers to create the best experience. We are all selftaught in al the programs that we use, we try our best to create a game with the same environmental quality as a triple A game. But we hope to compensate that with our passion to making games and that we make them fun and exciting to play.

What about where you are based?

We are based in Sweden which is a beautiful country in Europe, we have lots of forests, and terrain. We have lived here for all of our lives and enjoy it. We have a high standard of living which means that we have, good internet, good houses and everything that is needed for a gamer. Free school, lunch and more is also something awesome.

What about you?

We all work as much as we can, even though we have school(which takes up alot of time). We work as hard as we can to make a product that both you and we will enjoy. We created Shadow Game Studio in the early 2015, with a goal to make a game that will be fun and exciting to play.